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Online Pilot Practice Exams

for the CPL.

tried-and-tested CASA style CPL exams

3 months unlimited personal access

effectively reduce your study time

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CASA Style Exams

Features a min. of 4 Full-Length CPL Exams per Access

full-length exams similar to the real thing

multiple choice & fill the blank

detailed feedback for all questions

updated for the latest rules

Detailed Feedback

Detailed feedback on every question

references to ATC manuals & legislation docs

links to our public VFRG (

support centre for ongoing assistance

video solutions for selected questions

Targeted Quizzes

Thousands of questions in targeted quick quizzes

target specific areas of your CPL knowledge

topics like Threat & Error Management

detailed feedback on targeted quizzes

Backed by Instructors

Developed by pilots like you. Backed by instructors.

checked by instructors from around the country

feedback driven from past and present students

email and Messenger support

Illustrations from Aviation Theory Centre

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Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplane)

Human Factors (CHUF)

4 CHUF Exams

Additional TEM Quiz and Exam

Unlimited Attempts with Feedback

SMS Support

New 2022


3 Months Unlimited Access

More exams coming soon…

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